I Language

Started on March 02, 2010

A cross-platform interpreted, dynamically typed language. It is weak-typed and type-safe.


Default Release: I 2.3.0

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Project News
Refining the Build Process - Jan 02, 2013
One of the main issues with the I language is its build process. Building I and all of its libraries required a detailed knowledge of how the project ...
I 2.1.0 Released - Dec 21, 2011
As anticipated, I 2.1 Stable has been released. This is the first stable release of I2 ever made by the I project (with I1 having been long abandoned)...
Variable Self-Modification - Jun 18, 2011
Increment, decrement, multiply by self, etc. Operators for these functions, long overdue, have now been implemented. Currently, the following opera...

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