Started on February 28, 2010

A high precision astronomical calculations library written in C with an I API.


Default Release: Aloac 2.3.2

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Project News
Project Retirement - Aug 11, 2014
With the upcoming transition to the Caglow 3 platform, the Aloac library is being retired. The Caglow project is moving away from the C programming la...
2.3.1-1 Re-release - Jun 23, 2013
Aloac 2.3.1-1 is a re-release of Aloac 2.3.1. Soon after 2.3.1 was released, a serious bug was discovered that caused the calculation of rise, set and...
2.3.1 Update - Jun 23, 2013
Aloac 2.3.1 is a relatively minor update to the Aloac library. The main change introduced is the use of binary search to find rise, set and transit ti...

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