Privacy Policy

Caglow does not collect any personal information beyond your email address and your password. This information will never be released by us to any 3rd party group.

However, we reserve the right to freely release any other information you may post. This includes your username, personal messages and e-mails sent to us through the contact system.

This site uses cookies.

The only cookies set by this domain are login cookies which exist for registered users of the site. They contain no more information than your username and a hashed version of your password (which is not the same hash as in our database).

Cookies may also be used to track your visits to this site and all sites within the network. We do not and will not track your visits to any site unaffiliated with this one.

However, third-parties may place cookies on your computer that we have no control of. These may be used to track your behavior across other sites we are not affiliated with. We do not have access to and therefore cannot use this information for any purpose. If you do not wish to be tracked by such cookies but still wish to use the services provided by this site, add "" to the list of sites where cookies are allowed.

These policies may change at any time, without warning. Such changes will only affect information collected after the change. Those prior to the change will remain protected by the policy in effect before the change.

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