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Refining the Build Process
by I Language on January 01, 2013

One of the main issues with the I language is its build process. Building I and all of its libraries required a detailed knowledge of how the project is structured. As a result, those individuals who wished to use Aciqra on a non-Windows computer were out of luck. Beginning in 2013, we will place a heavy emphasis on keeping the build process manageable. The makefiles have been refined to connec...
I 2.1.0 Released
by I Language on December 21, 2011

As anticipated, I 2.1 Stable has been released. This is the first stable release of I2 ever made by the I project (with I1 having been long abandoned) and the first release of any kind for over 1.5 years. This means that this release brings a huge number of changes and new additions since the last release: -Added expanded coroutines library ("threads" library) -Added integer power operator: *...
Variable Self-Modification
by I Language on June 18, 2011

Increment, decrement, multiply by self, etc. Operators for these functions, long overdue, have now been implemented. Currently, the following operators have been implemented: (var) += (num) Increment (var) -= (num) Decrement (var) *= (num) Multiply (var) /= (num) Divide (var) %= (num) Modulo (var) ^= (num) Power (var) :: (num) Append In addition to being syntactic sugar, these may a...
Case Statements Removed
by I Language on June 18, 2011

Recently, a new case statement was announced, the case/in statement which was really just the old case/of statement. The case/of statement replacing it was essentially a series of if/else statements behind it providing a 2% speed bonus. The latter statement has been decided to be unnecessary and has been removed as there are much better ways to speed up using lookup tables (providing as much as 30...
New case/in Statement
by I Language on June 12, 2011

There is now a case/in statement in I which is the equivalent of the old case/of statement. Usage is the same as case/of except the of is now in. The new case/of statement does not accept multiple comparisons anymore making the overall comparison run significantly faster than before. Currently, the case/in statement takes about 80% longer to run than an equivalent if/elif/else series. On the ot...
I 2.0a2 Released
by I Language on July 31, 2010

I development is proud to announce the second alpha release of the I 2.0-2.1 release cycle. This release introduces many additions/changes in the first alpha namely: -Added filesystem library (`fs') as an external library -Renamed `calc' library to `math' for consistency -Renamed local metatable `self' to `this' for consistency -Methods syntax changed: file~>open is now file->open -Assignme...
Tutorial 1 (includes I2!)
by I Language on July 21, 2010

First question to ask: what version of "I" should I use? I 1.1 is the current stable release. It should be for those who want very few to no bugs and can deal with having to translate a bit of code to get up to date with I2 when it becomes stable. I2 is the trunk branch meaning it's in active development. This means that there may be some noticeable bugs. On the other hand, there may not. I2 is...
Library Packages
by I Language on July 05, 2010

Currently, bindings to the following libraries are expected to be included for I 2.1: -Draw (OpenGL, FreeGLUT, GLI) -Net (OpenSSL, cURL) -Drivers (libindi, ???) Because of its participation in the Caglow project, "I" will only include as internal libraries what will be used by Aciqra. Additional libraries must be downloaded separately and will be made available on the I website.
Schedule Change
by I Language on July 05, 2010

In accordance with the scheduling of the rest of the Caglow project, the I project will be migrating towards the Aciqra project's schedule of milestones. This would mean scrapping the current test phase and starting over again. However, that would be counter-productive. So instead of killing the alpha phase at this point, it has been decided to keep the alpha phase going until late December at whi...
I 2.0a1 Released
by I Language on June 20, 2010

The first milestone in the development of I2 has reached after 7 months of development beginning around November of 2009. That's not to say that it'll only be 7 months though. It's expected that there will be another 3 months of new features then 3 more of testing before it's all over and we go back to the 6 month cycle for "minor" releases. For a hint of what you can expect in the future, plea...
Alpha Delayed
by I Language on June 05, 2010

The alpha release, originally expected around the end of May, has been delayed and will now likely be released near the end of June. There have been some major compilation issues encountered and the alpha period cannot commence until this is resolved. Expect the entire schedule to be pushed back by about 1 month if this issue is resolved in the near future. UPDATE: This critical bug has bee...
1.2 Release Cancelled
by I Language on May 02, 2010

Recently, the I project has been undergoing a massive restructuring effort for organization. This has essentially cut all backward compatibility in terms of libraries. Because a 1.2 release has to be mostly backwards compatible with 1.1, development could not be continued under that version. Therefore, the trunk is now the 2.0 development line. It is recommended that library developers write fo...
Structuring Change
by I Language on April 25, 2010

With the next major release of I, expected to be 1.2, there is expected to be a change in the structuring of the releases. As more and more libraries are being added to the project, it's making less and less sense to include them all in the distribution. So for the next release, no libraries will be included with the default release. Rather, libraries which exist or are being planned will be re...
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