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I 2.0a2 Released
by I Language on August 01, 2010

I development is proud to announce the second alpha release of the I 2.0-2.1 release cycle. This release introduces many additions/changes in the first alpha namely: -Added filesystem library (`fs') as an external library -Renamed `calc' library to `math' for consistency -Renamed local metatable `self' to `this' for consistency -Methods syntax changed: file~>open is now file->open -Assignme...
Migration to SQLite
by Aciqra on July 22, 2010

The migration of Aciqra to SQLite begins today. We have many reasons for this switch. The biggest one is speed. We simply cannot compete with the speed of a SQL database in getting a list of thousands of stars ordered by magnitude that are in a certain part of the sky. If we wrote code for that manually, Aciqra simply would not be usable and would be impossibly slow. The other major reason is t...
Tutorial 1 (includes I2!)
by I Language on July 21, 2010

First question to ask: what version of "I" should I use? I 1.1 is the current stable release. It should be for those who want very few to no bugs and can deal with having to translate a bit of code to get up to date with I2 when it becomes stable. I2 is the trunk branch meaning it's in active development. This means that there may be some noticeable bugs. On the other hand, there may not. I2 is...
Library Packages
by I Language on July 05, 2010

Currently, bindings to the following libraries are expected to be included for I 2.1: -Draw (OpenGL, FreeGLUT, GLI) -Net (OpenSSL, cURL) -Drivers (libindi, ???) Because of its participation in the Caglow project, "I" will only include as internal libraries what will be used by Aciqra. Additional libraries must be downloaded separately and will be made available on the I website.
Schedule Change
by I Language on July 05, 2010

In accordance with the scheduling of the rest of the Caglow project, the I project will be migrating towards the Aciqra project's schedule of milestones. This would mean scrapping the current test phase and starting over again. However, that would be counter-productive. So instead of killing the alpha phase at this point, it has been decided to keep the alpha phase going until late December at whi...
Renamed to Aloac
by Aloac on June 28, 2010

Aciv is no more! Actually it's still here. Except it's now called Aloac. The naming was the result of an acronym that no longer stood for what the project really was. It was also due to there being another project on SourceForge with the Aciv name (well, it's UNIX name was `aciv'). The project also has a new website at: Take a look and see what you think. It's runnin...
I 2.0a1 Released
by I Language on June 21, 2010

The first milestone in the development of I2 has reached after 7 months of development beginning around November of 2009. That's not to say that it'll only be 7 months though. It's expected that there will be another 3 months of new features then 3 more of testing before it's all over and we go back to the 6 month cycle for "minor" releases. For a hint of what you can expect in the future, plea...
Shasta on Mono
by Aciqra on June 07, 2010

No, it's not quite dead yet. Aciqra I Shasta remains the currently supported and main branch of the Aciqra project. However, unless, absolutely necessary, it will only be updated for bug fixes and minor features. This latest change will probably be the last major addition before support is dropped with the coming of Caglow 2 sometime over the next year or two. Aciqra I has been made cross-platform...
Alpha Delayed
by I Language on June 06, 2010

The alpha release, originally expected around the end of May, has been delayed and will now likely be released near the end of June. There have been some major compilation issues encountered and the alpha period cannot commence until this is resolved. Expect the entire schedule to be pushed back by about 1 month if this issue is resolved in the near future. UPDATE: This critical bug has bee...
1.2 Release Cancelled
by I Language on May 03, 2010

Recently, the I project has been undergoing a massive restructuring effort for organization. This has essentially cut all backward compatibility in terms of libraries. Because a 1.2 release has to be mostly backwards compatible with 1.1, development could not be continued under that version. Therefore, the trunk is now the 2.0 development line. It is recommended that library developers write fo...
Structuring Change
by I Language on April 25, 2010

With the next major release of I, expected to be 1.2, there is expected to be a change in the structuring of the releases. As more and more libraries are being added to the project, it's making less and less sense to include them all in the distribution. So for the next release, no libraries will be included with the default release. Rather, libraries which exist or are being planned will be re...
GNU Generation
by Aciqra on March 08, 2010

The Aciqra project has now become part of the GNU project's GNU Generation, a movement to counter proprietary software vendors' move to grab users from the population of the young by giving schools and universities their software free of charge or at a discount. To clear things up, GNU Generation is continuous program where pre-university students develop for the free software community. Ple...
Project Split
by Aloac on March 02, 2010

Development of the Aciv library was moved from the Aciqra project to the I project to become Aciv/I a few months back. Since then, development of Aciqra has been highly reliant on this twin project to update and integrate new features for it to continue development therefore making the three projects essentially one mega-project which is essentially just the Caglow project. For organization pur...
Aciqra Code
by Aciqra on March 01, 2010

You may find the latest code of the Aciqra project including the code for Aciqra Fairweather on SVN at:
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