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2.1.1 Update
by Aloac on December 23, 2011

Following the initial release of Aloac 2.1, an update has been released which fixes the calculation of asteroids and comets which were not accurate. For downloads, visit the Aloac Download Archive:
Aciqra 2.1 Release
by Aciqra on December 22, 2011

It was three years ago to the day that the Aciqra project first made its presence known to the world as a project on SourceForge. Its first release came just two days later -- a simplistic planetarium program -- unimpressive to say the least. Over these next three years, the project steadily grew as progress was made towards create a better, more advanced program. These results of three years of w...
I 2.1.0 Released
by I Language on December 21, 2011

As anticipated, I 2.1 Stable has been released. This is the first stable release of I2 ever made by the I project (with I1 having been long abandoned) and the first release of any kind for over 1.5 years. This means that this release brings a huge number of changes and new additions since the last release: -Added expanded coroutines library ("threads" library) -Added integer power operator: *...
2.1.0 Released
by Aloac on December 21, 2011

Aloac 2.1.0 has been completed and is the first of the three projects to be released during the December release season (see This is the first release of Aloac to be created since it split from the I language to become its own project. In these two years that have passed, it has undergone numerous changes with many new features and fixes. A source archive is avai...
Milestone 5 Released
by Aciqra on August 26, 2011

It has been just ten days since the completion of Milestone 4 but those days have been among the most productive in the history of the project. The three objectives for Milestone 5 were completed in that time as were many other improvements allowing the milestone, originally scheduled for mid-September, to be released today, a full three weeks ahead of schedule. Despite the short period of deve...
Versioning Simplified
by Aciqra on August 26, 2011

Only recently, we announced a revised system for versioning Aciqra. It was designed to clean up the project, which had started to get messy, by organizing the project into a complex structure. There was two be two sub-projects, limiting version numbers to Aciqra 1.* and 2.* with one sub-project managing each. Each sub-project could create major, moderate-sized and minor releases under those versio...
Milestone 4 Released
by Aciqra on August 16, 2011

Aciqra Fairweather Milestone 4 has been released. This comes just one month and one week since the release of Milestone 3, the shortest gap between two milestones so far. Despite this, numerous improvements have been made to the program: - Label cardinal directions - Option to hide information text - Labels can show other data besides an object's name - Time controls for moving between ti...
Snowy and Fairweather
by Aciqra on August 16, 2011

Since its conception in April, 2009, the second series of Aciqra has been referred to as Aciqra II. Aciqra II was to be a complete replacement (written from the ground up) of the original Aciqra. However, as development progressed, it became apparent that this was not to be the case. The structure of the new series makes rebuilding Aciqra to its entirety close to impossible. Even if it happened, i...
Milestone 3 Released
by Aciqra on July 09, 2011

It has been another two and a third months since the last milestone. Since then, development has advanced through many additional features and optimization updates. Due to a revised milestone schedule (which added two additional milestones), this is not the Milestone 3 that had originally been planned. It is only the first half of that. The second half of the original Milestone 3 will arrive as Mi...
Variable Self-Modification
by I Language on June 18, 2011

Increment, decrement, multiply by self, etc. Operators for these functions, long overdue, have now been implemented. Currently, the following operators have been implemented: (var) += (num) Increment (var) -= (num) Decrement (var) *= (num) Multiply (var) /= (num) Divide (var) %= (num) Modulo (var) ^= (num) Power (var) :: (num) Append In addition to being syntactic sugar, these may a...
Case Statements Removed
by I Language on June 18, 2011

Recently, a new case statement was announced, the case/in statement which was really just the old case/of statement. The case/of statement replacing it was essentially a series of if/else statements behind it providing a 2% speed bonus. The latter statement has been decided to be unnecessary and has been removed as there are much better ways to speed up using lookup tables (providing as much as 30...
New case/in Statement
by I Language on June 12, 2011

There is now a case/in statement in I which is the equivalent of the old case/of statement. Usage is the same as case/of except the of is now in. The new case/of statement does not accept multiple comparisons anymore making the overall comparison run significantly faster than before. Currently, the case/in statement takes about 80% longer to run than an equivalent if/elif/else series. On the ot...
Milestone 2 Released
by Aciqra on April 30, 2011

The product of nearly half a year of development has been released as the second milestone of Aciqra II. Since Milestone 1 back in December, the following changes have been implemented: - Show object labels on hover - Labeling for menu icons - Precession & nutation corrections - Account for proper motion with stars - Tracking for Earth's rotation - Night vision mode - Atmospheric refr...
Site Down
by Aciqra on January 11, 2011

There appear to be issues with the Aciqra website and it is down for the time being. These issues are likely related to the hosting platform by SourceForge which is currently under testing. The Aciqra site is participating in that test. Unless the issue is critical, the site will likely return within two days if all goes as it has in the past. SourceForge has been notified of this problem. U...
Milestone 1 Released
by Aciqra on December 20, 2010

As projected a few weeks ago, Milestone 1 of Aciqra II has been released. Download: (6.94 MiB) Please note that this is not the recommended version to use. It has less features and is less stable than Aciqra I. Only use this if you wish to see where Aciqra is headed and what it may look like in the future.
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