Aciqra: Shasta on Mono

Posted June 07, 2010 by User 1

No, it's not quite dead yet. Aciqra I Shasta remains the currently supported and main branch of the Aciqra project. However, unless, absolutely necessary, it will only be updated for bug fixes and minor features. This latest change will probably be the last major addition before support is dropped with the coming of Caglow 2 sometime over the next year or two. Aciqra I has been made cross-platform; in a way.

In the upcoming Aciqra 1.3.1 or 1.4 (depending on how many changes we end up making), Aciqra will be ported to the Mono platform, the open source, cross-platform version of the .Net framework. Therefore, it will be able to run on Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and a good number of other operating systems.

Because of this, the Aciqra project ends all dependence on non-free & open source software. For those who are critical of Mono, we follow the Ubuntu Position of things:

Aciqra 1.3.1/1.4 can be expected out in a maximum of a few months.

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