Caglow Library: libcaglow 0.3 Release

Posted June 20, 2017 by User 1

A third snapshot of the Caglow library (libcaglow) has been made available. The Caglow library is a set of Ada 2012 routines for various astronomical computations.

Changes in this snapshot include:

  • Added manager for data from the Minor Planet Center (MPC).

    • comet orbits

    • standard 80-char observations, including roving & satellite observations

  • New package for nonlinear optimization.

    • implementation of downhill simplex (Nelder-Mead) algorithm

    • integrated with MPC data structures for orbit determination

  • Translation matrices now only act on position vectors.

  • Debian package updated to support multiarch.

  • Julian Day type JDE renamed to JDT.

All files, including binaries for Debian 9 (stretch) are available on the downloads page. As with all previous snapshots, this release should be considered experimental as it has not been thoroughly tested and is unlikely to be backward-compatible with future releases.

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