Caglow Library: libcaglow 0.1 Release

Posted December 23, 2015 by User 1

A snapshot of the Caglow library has been made available on the downloads page as version 0.1, the initial release of libcaglow. This release should be considered experimental as it has not been thoroughly tested and it will not be backward-compatible with future releases.

The Caglow library (libcaglow) is a collection of astrodynamical algorithms in Ada 2012 suitable for use at the core of virtual planetarium programs and for basic orbital simulations. Features in the 0.1 release include

  • linear transformations

  • two-body orbit solver

  • planet positions, through VSOP87E, VSOP2000 and JPL DE

  • finite series/polynomial manipulations

  • numerical integration of accelerated particle via Adams and RK methods

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