I Language: Structuring Change

Posted April 25, 2010 by User 1

With the next major release of I, expected to be 1.2, there is expected to be a change in the structuring of the releases. As more and more libraries are being added to the project, it's making less and less sense to include them all in the distribution.

So for the next release, no libraries will be included with the default release. Rather, libraries which exist or are being planned will be released in separate packages. In addition, the existing libraries of cidraw and cinet will be split up.

The current cidraw and cinet libraries will make up their own packages. Qt and/or GTK+ will make up a GUI package. There will also be a science and math package which will include Aciv and possibly related libraries. These libraries may also be written in I which will be a change from the previous C-only libraries.

There will also very likely be a "full" package that includes everything. In the future, we may also implement an installer which retrieves package as needed though that probably won't arrive until the packages really grow too extensive to just download separately.

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