Aciqra: 2.3 Release

Posted March 03, 2013 by User 1

Aciqra 2.3 (Grand River) is the third major release of the Aciqra 2 series. The release was originally intended for December of 2012 but was delayed to now due to unplanned difficulties in implementation.

Since Aciqra 2.2.1, the following changes have been made:
- Streamlined installation procedure
- Allow selection of a planet by clicking anywhere on its surface
- Removed angle indicator to reduce clutter
- Semi-realistic rendering of comets
- Reduced size of glow when "Show Planets as Starlike" is disabled
- Dimmed menus & selection indicator to be less intrusive
- Button to toggle between windowed and full screen modes
- Option to show the path of selected objects
- Antialiasing on round objects
- Show alternative names and designations for selected objects
- Grid shows several different levels of detail based on field of view
- Optimized precession calculations
- Improved readability of text with partially transparent background

Beginning with this release, there will no longer be a separate Bright Star Edition due to the complications that arise from having to maintain parallel versions of the same program. The standard edition is now the only officially support release and includes the Tycho-2, Hipparcos and Bright Star Catalogs.


Source (All Platforms) - 56.29 MB:
Installer (Windows) - 57.17 MB:

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