I Language: Refining the Build Process

Posted January 02, 2013 by User 1

One of the main issues with the I language is its build process. Building I and all of its libraries required a detailed knowledge of how the project is structured. As a result, those individuals who wished to use Aciqra on a non-Windows computer were out of luck.

Beginning in 2013, we will place a heavy emphasis on keeping the build process manageable. The makefiles have been refined to connect together so that one simple command will be enough to build the entire system. Of course, dependencies still need to be satisfied first and the system does not do a dependency check first so it will still be necessary to manually ensure that the dependencies are met. Prebuilt binary packages will also be provided for certain systems for an even simpler installation process.

Perhaps this year will be the one where the Caglow project goes truly cross-platform.

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