Aciqra: 2.2 Release

Posted June 05, 2012 by User 1

Aciqra 2.2 (Grand Canyon) is the second release of Aciqra 2 and the first mid-year release of the project. Though this release is a smaller update than 2.1, numerous changes and additions have implemented as the project works towards a more complete and functional planetarium.

Since Aciqra 2.1.1, the following improvements have been made:
- Fixed tracking for Earth's rotation while changing time
- Minor improvements in coordinate conversion speed
- Display information on rise, set and transit times
- Calculate estimated surface brightness
- Show deep space objects without defined magnitudes
- Coloring of deep space objects from B-V Index
- Deep space objects have more realistic shapes
- Added Galilean satellites of Jupiter
- Fixed keypresses to exit and toggle buttons
- Display absolute magnitudes of objects
- Search for objects

In addition, a fix to the Aloac library has corrected the position of the moon so that eclipses and occultions can be predicted with reasonable accuracy. This makes it especially important to upgrade for those who plan to use Aciqra during the May 20th solar eclipse and the June 4th lunar eclipse.

As with previous releases, a Bright Star Edition (BSE) is available as an alternative to the standard edition. The BSE is much smaller and includes just the 9110 stars from the Yale Bright Star Catalog. The standard edition includes 2.5 million stars from the Tycho-2 and Hipparcos catalogs. The BSE is recommended for everyone who does need highly detailed star maps.

Bright Star Edition
Installer (Windows) - 3.15 MB:
Binaries Archive (Windows) - 2.87 MB:
Binaries Archive (GNU/Linux) - 1.58 MB:

Standard Edition
Installer (Windows) - 57.40 MB:
Binaries Archive (Windows) - 58.23 MB:
Binaries Archive (GNU/Linux) - 56.93 MB:
Source Code - 56.85 MB:

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