Aciqra: Milestone 4 Released

Posted August 16, 2011 by User 1

Aciqra Fairweather Milestone 4 has been released. This comes just one month and one week since the release of Milestone 3, the shortest gap between two milestones so far.

Despite this, numerous improvements have been made to the program:

- Label cardinal directions
- Option to hide information text
- Labels can show other data besides an object's name
- Time controls for moving between times while running
- Redesigned interface with more menus and controls
- Changed constellation boundaries to solid lines

As always, downloads are available in the Aciqra downloads archive:

Note that the "generic binary" release has been replaced with a Windows portable archive. This is because libaciqra, which is written in C, cannot be compiled to a generic binary form. Without it, Aciqra will not run.

Source code is available in Subversion. Milestone 4 is revision 69 which may be downloaded here:

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