Aciqra: Snowy and Fairweather

Posted August 16, 2011 by User 1

Since its conception in April, 2009, the second series of Aciqra has been referred to as Aciqra II. Aciqra II was to be a complete replacement (written from the ground up) of the original Aciqra. However, as development progressed, it became apparent that this was not to be the case. The structure of the new series makes rebuilding Aciqra to its entirety close to impossible. Even if it happened, it would be many years if not decades before that could happen. With that in mind, the Aciqra project was split with Aciqra II focused on scientific use and Aciqra I (the original) focused on education.

Since 2009, 90% of the updates on the Aciqra website (including the original one) was focused on development on Aciqra II. Yet, no download for that series would be available until late December of 2010. And even then, it was not very well advertised on the site as it was in the early developmental stages. This discrepancy often led to confusion, especially for newcomers. The term "Aciqra" could mean either the series in development or the one with stable releases and was equally applicable to both. This was essentially the case of two projects with identical names. That needed to be changed.

The terms "Snowy" and "Fairweather" are now used to distinguish between Aciqra I and Aciqra II respectively. Officially, these are now "Aciqra Snowy" and "Aciqra Fairweather" which they should be referred to as outside the Aciqra project. The term "Aciqra" alone is now used to describe the Aciqra project as a whole. The change is not permanent. If one of the two sub-projects becomes inactive, "Aciqra" will refer to the active project. Though it may cause cases on confusion itself, this change will hopefully resolve many more cases of it in the future.

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