Aciqra: Milestone 3 Released

Posted July 09, 2011 by User 1

It has been another two and a third months since the last milestone. Since then, development has advanced through many additional features and optimization updates. Due to a revised milestone schedule (which added two additional milestones), this is not the Milestone 3 that had originally been planned. It is only the first half of that. The second half of the original Milestone 3 will arrive as Milestone 4 in 1-2 months time.

Since Milestone 2, the following have been changed:

- Draw constellation boundaries and names
- Show actual size of solar system objects (when zoomed in enough)
- Display information about current display
- Save current display to an image (for printing, sharing, etc.)
- Show actual size of deep space objects
- Switched to using built-in fonts
- Highlight selected objects
- Hipparcos catalog of ~118,000 stars added to replace BST
- Navigation in azimuth made relatively consistent
- Optimization by reducing table lookups and using locals
- Show custom horizon (default is flat horizon)
- Fixed bug of the inability to select stars without proper motion
- Menu icon descriptions internationalized

As always, downloads are available in the Aciqra downloads archive:

Source code is available in Subversion. Milestone 3 is revision 58 which may be downloaded here:

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