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Posted March 02, 2010 by User 1

Development of the Aciv library was moved from the Aciqra project to the I project to become Aciv/I a few months back. Since then, development of Aciqra has been highly reliant on this twin project to update and integrate new features for it to continue development therefore making the three projects essentially one mega-project which is essentially just the Caglow project.

For organization purposes, the Aciv/I projects has been dissolved into Aciv and I. This means a few changes:

First off, the Aciv library will NO LONGER be packaged with the I binaries. It is simply far too large for this and makes the whole thing several times as big. Therefore, to use it, you will have to download an Aciv and an I package. This will take effect for future releases of I 1.1.x and 1.2.

Also, the two projects will continue to share a common website. Currently, neither project appears to be sustainable on their own and so will continue to be promoted together like cURL and libcurl.

Finally, the Aciv library will separate into its own numbering scheme. The version coming with Aciv/I 1.1.0 will become Aciv 1.

So what does this mean for users? The only discernible difference you will notice is the individual packaging of the two components. This may be advantageous for some who will not be using the Aciv component at all or want to use different versions of each.

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