Aciqra: Milestone 2 Released

Posted April 30, 2011 by User 1

The product of nearly half a year of development has been released as the second milestone of Aciqra II. Since Milestone 1 back in December, the following changes have been implemented:

- Show object labels on hover
- Labeling for menu icons
- Precession & nutation corrections
- Account for proper motion with stars
- Tracking for Earth's rotation
- Night vision mode
- Atmospheric refraction
- Indicate whether a button's setting is active
- Labeling of deep space objects
- Messier object names for NGC/IC catalog
- Fixed bug with sectors along the 0h RA line
- Proper names for Yale Bright Star Catalog
- Navigation with mouse

As always, downloads are available in the Aciqra downloads archive:

Note that these releases are binary releases which do not include the source code. The source code is found in Subversion. Milestone 2 is revision 47 which may be downloaded here:

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