I Language: I 2.0a2 Released

Posted August 01, 2010 by User 1

I development is proud to announce the second alpha release of the I 2.0-2.1 release cycle. This release introduces many additions/changes in the first alpha namely:

-Added filesystem library (`fs') as an external library
-Renamed `calc' library to `math' for consistency
-Renamed local metatable `self' to `this' for consistency
-Methods syntax changed: file~>open is now file->open
-Assignment of one value to multiple variables
-Implemented multi-scope continue statements
-Added SQLite3 bindings (`sqlite')
-Removed OpenSSL bindings
-Cleanly split up `draw' library
-Added case/of statements
-Added functions to the C API to retrieve arrays
-Diverted all use of `try*' function to `check*'
-Made draw library compilable on Mac
-Added additional search paths for libraries
-Allowed normal strings to be multi-lined
-Header naming changes
--cic.h->ii.h (stands for I Initialization)
--aulib.c->iaux.c, aulib.h->iaux.h

Backwards compatibility has NOT been maintained from Alpha 1 and should not be expected to be compatible with Alpha 3 or Beta 1. The I language will continue backwards compatibility beginning with the first and likely only beta of I 2.0 expected in November or December of this year.

I is licensed under the Aciqra License. This release is under version 0.10.7, or, at your option, any later version deemed official by the Caglow project.

Download: http://www.caglow.com/download/2

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