I Language: Schedule Change

Posted July 05, 2010 by User 1

In accordance with the scheduling of the rest of the Caglow project, the I project will be migrating towards the Aciqra project's schedule of milestones. This would mean scrapping the current test phase and starting over again. However, that would be counter-productive. So instead of killing the alpha phase at this point, it has been decided to keep the alpha phase going until late December at which point a 2.0 release will be created as a beta. Following the release, we will begin at Milestone 1 numbered 2.1m1. This will allow us to produce a usable release (beta quality, yes, but even alpha quality seems pretty free of bugs) without killing the ability to add features.

Following 2.1, we will attempt to conform to the major release scheduling of the other projects. Note that this may include making major releases with minor changes. Note that bugfix releases will still be issued as needed and will remain independent for each project. Currently, following this 24 month, release-free period, most likely in the future, it will be a 12 month release cycle which will follow as opposed to the previous 6 month cycle.

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