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libcaglow 0.3 Release
by Caglow Library on June 20, 2017

A third snapshot of the Caglow library (libcaglow) has been made available. The Caglow library is a set of Ada 2012 routines for various astronomical computations. Changes in this snapshot include: Added manager for data from the Minor Planet Center (MPC). comet orbits standard 80-char observations, including roving & satellite observations New package for nonlinear optimization...
libcaglow 0.2 Release
by Caglow Library on January 01, 2017

A second snapshot of the Caglow library has been made available on the downloads page as version 0.2. As with the first snapshot, this release should be considered experimental as it has not been thoroughly tested and backward-compatibility should be not expected. The main change in this release is the addition of Verlet and composition methods.
libcaglow 0.1 Release
by Caglow Library on December 23, 2015

A snapshot of the Caglow library has been made available on the downloads page as version 0.1, the initial release of libcaglow. This release should be considered experimental as it has not been thoroughly tested and it will not be backward-compatible with future releases. The Caglow library (libcaglow) is a collection of astrodynamical algorithms in Ada 2012 suitable for use at the core of vir...
Project Retirement
by Aloac on August 11, 2014

With the upcoming transition to the Caglow 3 platform, the Aloac library is being retired. The Caglow project is moving away from the C programming language as a whole, towards the Ada programming language which favors code readability and maintainability, neither of which the Aloac library particularly excels at. As a result, there will be no more releases of Aloac.Development is transitioning to...
Intro to the Caglow Library
by Caglow Library on July 21, 2014

The Caglow Library (libcaglow) will form the basis of the next-generation of the Caglow platform. Once complete, it will replace Aloac as the Caglow project's standard library of astronomical and physical algorithms which other projects can then utilize. The fundamental difference between libcaglow and many other astronomical libraries, including Aloac, is that libcaglow is optimized for operat...
2.3.3 Release
by Aciqra on September 18, 2013

Aciqra 2.3.3 is the third update to the Aciqra 2.3 series of releases. It is a very minor release with minimal changes since 2.3.2 which include: - Fixed memory leak when selecting objects - New plugin system of tools As part of the plugin system, a sample plugin is provided to demonstrate the various abilities and the API provided by the system. Downloads Source (All Platforms) - 56.28 MB: htt...
2.3.2 Release
by Aciqra on July 26, 2013

Aciqra 2.3.2 is the second update to the Aciqra 2.3 series. This update brings only a few minor improvements since the previous update, 2.3.1. - Optimizations in sector functions - Minor display adjustments - Corrected mean slope parameter for asteroids Downloads Source (All Platforms) - 56.27 MB: Installer (Windows) - 57.17 MB:
2.3.1 Release
by Aciqra on June 23, 2013

Aciqra 2.3.1 is the first update to the Aciqra 2.3 series. It brings many improvements including several bug fixes. The following changes have been incorporated since 2.3.0: - Full screen status now reflected in the full screen button - Force OpenGL to update appropriately after exiting full screen - Fixed issue of incorrect cursor on some systems - Minor adjustments to appearance of interface - ...
2.3.1-1 Re-release
by Aloac on June 23, 2013

Aloac 2.3.1-1 is a re-release of Aloac 2.3.1. Soon after 2.3.1 was released, a serious bug was discovered that caused the calculation of rise, set and transit information for minor planets. This bug has now been resolved. A few minor bugs were also resolved. Downloads are available from the Aloac download page:
2.3.1 Update
by Aloac on June 23, 2013

Aloac 2.3.1 is a relatively minor update to the Aloac library. The main change introduced is the use of binary search to find rise, set and transit times. This method is both faster and more precise than the previous method of moving forward step by step. In addition, the phase angle function has been added to the I API to allow determining the phase angle of an object with respect to a source tha...
2.3 Release
by Aciqra on March 03, 2013

Aciqra 2.3 (Grand River) is the third major release of the Aciqra 2 series. The release was originally intended for December of 2012 but was delayed to now due to unplanned difficulties in implementation. Since Aciqra 2.2.1, the following changes have been made: - Streamlined installation procedure - Allow selection of a planet by clicking anywhere on its surface - Removed angle indicator to...
Refining the Build Process
by I Language on January 02, 2013

One of the main issues with the I language is its build process. Building I and all of its libraries required a detailed knowledge of how the project is structured. As a result, those individuals who wished to use Aciqra on a non-Windows computer were out of luck. Beginning in 2013, we will place a heavy emphasis on keeping the build process manageable. The makefiles have been refined to connec...
2.2.1 Release
by Aciqra on July 15, 2012

Aciqra 2.2.1 is an update to the Aciqra 2.2 series and includes a number of minor fixes and improvements. Changes in this release include: - Fixed planetary position calculations - Optimized memory use and management of extended databases - Fixed extended star database query boundaries - Optimized proper motion calculations - Increased contrast in night vision mode - Resolved oddities with...
2.2 Release
by Aciqra on June 05, 2012

Aciqra 2.2 (Grand Canyon) is the second release of Aciqra 2 and the first mid-year release of the project. Though this release is a smaller update than 2.1, numerous changes and additions have implemented as the project works towards a more complete and functional planetarium. Since Aciqra 2.1.1, the following improvements have been made: - Fixed tracking for Earth's rotation while changing ti...
Aciqra 2.1.1
by Aciqra on December 24, 2011

An update to Aciqra 2.1 has been released. It is primarily a bugfix release fixing two bugs and includes one interface change. The minor planets feature did not work properly in the original release. There were problems both on the side of Aciqra and of Aloac which calculates the position itself. With this update, the feature is in working condition. Also, planets were being "drawn" regardle...
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