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Posted July 09, 2010 by User 1

Ever since we abandoned the somewhat flawed Unrestricted Free license (which actually is not a free software license), the Caglow project has been running under the Aciqra License. It saw its first update back in March, 2010. Four months later, it saw its second update yesterday.

The Aciqra License 10.7 makes clear many things that may have not been clear in the older, 10.3 and 9.11 versions. This will help clear out legal issues, notably the requirement that anything produced with the help of a covered work is also a covered work. Because this may not directly in some countries (according to the GNU project), an additional line which limits the use of a covered work that prevents them from creating a work that is not covered was added.

Note that with this update, the Aciqra License is no longer strictly a "free software license" due to its restriction on using it with non-free works. (freedom 0) Therefore, it is incompatible with the GPL. However, it remains "free" as per the Debian Free Software Guidelines and "open" as per the Open Source Definition, neither of which limit the allowable restrictions placed on use.

All works under Caglow which are licensed under any other license automatically have Aciqra License 10.7 attached to the list of options for licenses. Future works will only be released under this and possibly any future versions of the license.

The license can be viewed here:

Free Software Definition:
Debian Free Software Guidelines:
Open Source Definition:


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