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One of the main reasons for the founding of the Caglow project was the lack of free and open source software for astronomy. For the most part, that is, in fact, true. However, the vast majority of these software are actually hidden and require significant searching to find. To help with that, we bring you HAFOSS, or Hidden Astronomical, Free and Open Source Software. This series will be updated whenever an interesting piece of software is found.

Today, we present GCX: http://astro.corlan.net/gcx/

GCX is a camera control and data reduction program. It can control the cpx3m camera as well as Meade's LX200 series of telescopes. It also performs various photometry functions among other things. This makes it a great tool to have even for those without a cpx3m camera.

The program has been tested under GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. Because it is written with GTK+, it should work on Windows with tweaking of the code.

If you have a free and open source piece of astronomy software you would like to share (whether it's yours or not) please send us a message: http://www.caglow.com/contact

(Note at present, the CAPTCHA system does not work therefore making the contact page useless until it is fixed -- sorry)


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