December Lunar Eclipse

Posted December 02, 2011 by User 1

In slightly over 1 week from now, on December 10, 2011, the moon will once again make a voyage through the shadow of the Earth (the umbra) visible from our planet as a lunar eclipse. During the 51 minutes and 8 seconds of totality, the entire disk of the moon will become a bright red as light refracted by the Earth's atmosphere reflects off the moon. This will be the last such event until 2014 and will be the last visible from central Asia until 2018.

This eclipse favors the Far East where totality will occur just before midnight high in the sky for areas like Japan, the Philippines, Korea, China, Siberia, Australia and Oceania. It will also be visible in its entirety from Alaska, Hawaii, northern Scandinavia and the high Arctic regions. The moon will rise in eclipse from eastern Europe and set in eclipse from most of North America.

The partial phase begins at 12:45:43 UT. The total eclipse begins at 14:06:16 UT. Maximum eclipse occurs at 14:31:49 UT. Totality lasts 51:08 until 14:57:24 UT and the partial phase lasts until 16:17:58 UT.


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