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Posted August 23, 2009 by User 1

Caglow became 2 years old last week. That may be a bit remarkable; even to some of the site's older members. For a birthday present, we have updated the site to Caglow Web (Systems) 1.3. In addition to that, we have switched webhosts which support some of the new features. It's a long list and it's best that we begin now.

First off, and most noticeable, is the new theme. The header image has been updated to match (to a certain extent) Caglow's colors of indigo and gold. A background image has been added as well to increase the excitement lebel of the site to where it should be. And, of course, are the blocks. These were added to organize everything and add some color to an otherwise bland front page. The idea for these was borrowed from

Next on the list is the all important project news. Each project may now release their own news items related to the project. These will appear on the front page as soon as they are released. It is encouraged that all project news be proofread before being released as there is no plan to create a project news editor.

Of course, we can't forget the images section which is the place for all your astrophotos. This actually has a last feature which remains unimplemented which is the score. All images will have a score of 0 until that is implemented with Caglow Web 1.3.5 or 1.4. Again, be sure to proofread EVERYTHING before submitting as there is no interface for editing images on the user-side.

With the change of web hosts, we are now able to use FreeType meaning CAPTCHAs are now possible. The CAPTCHA currently in place is a bit hard to read, and sometimes impossible to read, but they should work again low-tech automated spam which is what's needed for our registration page. This also makes it possible for a publicly open contact page at the bottom. Note that messages sent to the contact page WILL NOT be replied to. If you wish to recieve a response, use the messaging system.

It's been about a month and a half since the original Caglow Web, known as Caglow Web Systems, was first made public. Yet, through those 6 weeks, we've made progress growing from a simple news release system to now, a project host complete with project news and an image gallery. Once again, if you would like to see anything new be added, anything at all, please let us know.


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