Caglow's 2nd Birthday

Posted August 17, 2009 by User 1

Yes, it has been 2 years. Time passes quickly indeed. At the time, we were a little-known local group (no pun intended) of people interested in the workings of caves. That subject isn't one which really took off. It turned into plain discussion shortly after thus leading us to abandon caves. For those interested, we were thinking of starting a site like SummitPost (link at the end) which we grew off of originally. (We may be adding a deep space database in that format eventually)

So what have we accomplished? Many of you probably came here for Aciqra. That's currently project #1 on the list. Fewer may recognize that we also created Caditor, a C# text editor. Caditor, note, is NOT ABANDONED! A v3.3 WILL be released with the final modifications to our newest released project, I & I++, Caglow's programming language, influenced by highly Lua (plenty of borrowed features along with design structure), and to a lesser extent, PHP and Python.

For anyone who hasn't been in, there, it is ABSOLUTELY recommended that you head over to our about page and read through the time-line.

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