Watching for Perseids

Posted August 08, 2009 by User 1

When some person think Perseids, they think of raining meteors. And for good reason too. In 1972, that was reportly exactly what happened.

It's unlikely that this will be matched in 2009. Nonetheless, expectations are good with the Zenith Hourly Rate expected to peak at 200, or a little more than 3 meteors per minute, twice the usual ZHR of 100. The peak of the shower is predicted to be at 1-2AM August 12, 2009 PDT (Caglow is from California) or 8-9AM Universal Time. Most experienced observers are set to be up from dusk to dawn.

This year, a 55% gibbous moon will be up in Aries, a few degrees from the Perseus radiant where the meteors will all appear to originate from. Moonlight may wash out the fainter Perseids but the show should remain good.

Meteors and fireballs are already being recorded throughout the world and have been since mid-July (according to Wikipedia, July 14: A moderate flow of meteors are expected to last until September.

So, good luck and happy viewing!

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