Solar Activity Down

Posted April 25, 2010 by User 1

Solar activity went up, and just when we thought it was on its way to solar maximum, it dropped all the way down again. There are no sunspots for the 10th day in a row. This time around, the sun is simply being highly unpredictable.

There was a similar case last year in July when active region (otherwise known as sunspot) 1024 came around. and became the most active region on the sun since the new solar cycle began. Immediately following that, the sun had a one and a half month streak of no sunspots. We've had a similar case recently with solar activity being the highest since 2007 and, for the first, appearing to match up with the predictions. And then we have this.

Whether or not that will happen this time around remains unknown. It could be, though highly (to the 50th power) unlikely, that the rest of the year goes blank. There's also the tiny chance that as this is being written, a massive active region is showing up on the sun which will knock out all communications on Earth in a few days. With the way its been acting recently, we just can't be sure of anything.


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