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Posted August 06, 2009 by User 1

It's been exactly one month since Caglow Central was first launched. There has been innumerable changes made to the code which deserve your attention. These include feature enhancements, bugfixes as well as security patches, mostly against XSS.

First and foremost is the new menu and style. The dark purple of the menu, combined with the gold of the nebula in the header, blends together as Caglow's official colors. The site width has also been extended to 920px, just slightly less than the NASA website, to accommodate for 1024x968 and 1280x1024 screen sizes which appear to make up the majority of screens.

Next we have the Projects section which catalogs all official, complete or advanced development staged projects by Caglow. This section will expand as more projects are completed. It may also include a few closed source projects but which may be used for open source development.

Also, everytime you receive a personal message, a bright red notice bar will pop up alerting you of it. This should make it more convenient than to check your inbox every visit even if empty.

The site has also been search engine optimized to a certain extent allowing us to be more relevantly matched in a search query.

For everything else that wasn't mentioned here, you'll have to see for yourself and discover. Happy explorations!


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