One Last Move

Posted July 12, 2009 by User 1

Caglow's website is one that has constantly been moved. Those of you with us from a long time ago might know us as "iNetWorld." At the time, September of 2007, we were In December that same year, we became zNETwar with an address of It was during this period that the name "CaGlow" came into usage. We became after that. We renamed to "CAglow" for a short time before changing to "Caglow" in April, 2008 with as the name. That changed back to in March of 2009 when Google refused to crawl the extension.

No more refusal to crawl now! We are now That's highly unlikely to change for the time-being so no more bookmark changing! That doesn't mean we will stop updating the site though. Even though our address is now static, our site is most certainly not. All it means is 3 characters less typing for you and a more trustworthy name to go along with it.


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