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Posted July 11, 2009 by User 1

Aciqra II development began what seems like ages ago; back in April of this year. Much has already done towards the release originally planned for December of this year. Due to some mis-planning, that's not what will happen; not by a long shot.
First off, I would like to introduce everyone to Caglow member twardowski, the second member of the Aciqra I development team. He's originally from the Czech Republic but is currently in the UK. If you see dramatic improvements in Aciqra 1.3, you'll have him to thank for the work.

So getting to the point: Aciqra 2.0 is expected to be "late" by at the minimum, 1 full year. Rather than a release in December, 2009, the expected release will be in December, 2010. Why the delay? Not enough time was given for developing the Aciqra front end would be the answer. The complex yet easy-to-use interface will require a lot more than a few months of work; not when combined with the massive arrays of features which have also been planned.

So, a full year without a release? Whoa there, don't forget about our new developer. He (along with "a part" of me) will be hard at work preparing the world with close equivalents of Aciqra II but under Aciqra I and C#. The new schedule now calls for Aciqra 1.3 to be out in November, 2009 and 1.4 to be out next February or March. Full schedule and roadmap can be found here:


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