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Posted July 09, 2009 by User 1

The first update to our "grand" site is complete. Most of these changes are small bugs regarding rendering issues. However, there have also been a few additions.

First off, and most obvious for a visit to the homepage, is the new footer menu. When you think about it, it makes sense...why make both the header and footer the same? Therefore, a few more pages have also popped up. There's a list of FAQs (short but still working on it), a license page (showing the full UF 1.0 for the very first time ever, a Terms of Service page (stating the rules of the site), and of course, a contact page. The contact page will also be improved sometime in the future to possibly allow unregistered or unapproved users to contact the administration. For now, it stands.

The second most obvious, and the most obvious for those who didn't look down on the homepage, is the commenting feature. Commenting has always been a part of the news cycle; we just didn't have it here. Well, now we do. Until a true discussion board is written up (unlikely in the near future), this will become the replacement for the Caglow Forums we had in the past. Remember that all comments are available under the UF 1.0 found on the license page. Any comments? Post away!


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