Update: Q1, 2010

Posted April 03, 2010 by User 1

Beginning now, the Caglow project will be releasing regular updates on the overall project status four times every year.

First and foremost is Caglow Central, this website. The first quarter has not been a good time for the site due to problems with our host and this server. Luckily though, our project websites were less affected due to being hosted on different servers from this site. Whether or not the downtime is over remains unknown. Should this site be unavailable, please use the project websites for important support and issues:


UPDATE (08/2010): New sites:
http://i.caglow.com -- I project
http://aloac.caglow.com -- Aloac project (formerly Aciv)

These are on two separate servers and it is unlikely that all three servers would be down at the same time. Please save these addresses in case you need important information and status updates.

With other updates, Aciv is now, for the first time, a separate project running under Caglow having first been dropped out of the Aciqra project into Aciv/I and then divided out of that into just Aciv. The association between Aciv and I has proved to be of no benefit as they would already have been associated otherwise due to the participation in Caglow.

The Aciqra project also has a new, community-oriented website powered by Bitweaver. Content is still being written and therefore, the site remains incomplete. However, the new design will allow users to be more involved and push the project forward.


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