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Posted January 17, 2011 by User 1

The Caglow Web platform has gone for over a year without any real updates. It has been even longer since the last major site-wide revision. That is about to change in the coming weeks with version 1.2 of the Caglow Web platform.

A few of the first changes are already in place, namely inline image support (in news articles) and updates to the front page. The rest have been held back for further testing on security flaws.

Here's a list of features that can be expected with this next update:

1. Images: Large images will automatically be resized. Thumbnails will also be of higher quality than it currently is. Voting will now also be possible for users.

2. Info: Caglow Info will be a new service launched by Caglow to be a source of astronomical information. There will be a set of categories for which users can create pages under. These pages will be able to be rated by others similar to images. This service will replace the article series system in which such information is posted as news.

3. Internal: There will be other internal updates to make future updates easier and the site run faster even as it gets bigger.


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