Dark Sky, USA

Posted January 03, 2011 by User 1

The world, especially the United States, is increasingly brightening up the night sky. Ever since the invention of the incandescant bulb, the myriad of stars across the sky have become all but wiped out by the excessive use of poorly directed lights also called light pollution. Light pollution, primarily present in cities, is what prevents two thirds of Americans from seeing the Milky Way. It also severely limits the ability of telescopes from seeing faint deep space objects which are easily overwhelmed by the wasted light.

In the United States, truly dark skies have all but vanished along much of the East Coast although certain areas fare better than others. The West Coast and the Intermountain West does better but the city lights are slowly closing in on the dark skies as well.

What this series will cover are the last strongholds in the country where one might experience the night sky like it was before the light bulb. From these places, the Milky Way casts shadows as do the countless stars. While it primarily focuses on areas in the United States, locations in other nations may be featured as well. These will be published at irregular intervals at least through the end of 2011.

The first of the series are pending a change to support images in articles. Expect to see them shortly.


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