Supermassive Star Found

Posted October 17, 2010 by User 1

This July, ESO researchers have discovered what appears to be the most massive star we know of possibly topping 300 solar masses. Not only is this the most massive star ever found but is potentially the most luminous one as well possibly topping 10 million solar luminosities. Such a star is expected to have an extremely short lifetime and explode in a rare pair-instability supernova which leaves no remnant behind as a normal supernova would.

The star is in the Large Magellanic Cloud and is classified as a Wolf-Rayet Star, a type of ultra-massive star which loses mass as fast as 0.005% of a solar mass per year.

Stars like this are above the Eddington luminosity, the maximum mass a star can maintain before it blasts its outer layers in an ultra-fast stellar wind.


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