Update: Q2, 2010

Posted August 13, 2010 by User 1

The second quarter of 2010 has been much quieter than the first in terms of "excitement." This is good as it meant that we had better uptime (around 90%) than the first quarter (about 50%) and things are continuing to get better.

The site has moved again to its original server. This server is much faster (about 150%) than our old server which we were with for a period. Some sites of the Caglow project will still be using that server, just not the main site. The goal is to distribute the load evenly across many different hosts so that no one gets mad.

With the projects themselves, there have also been some interesting news. The I website has finally been revived on the same server as Caglow. The backup is 6 months old, yes, but its better than nothing. See the site for details: http://i.caglow.com

Aloac, formerly Aciv, has divided off of the Aciv/I project to become its own project hosted by SourceForge: http://aloac.caglow.com

Aciqra has also been making tremendous progress. For the first time, tangible evidence of progress is showing up. No delays so far as it is still set for its milestone preview in December of this year. With it will come the final version of the Aciqra License, v1, that will be used for at least the next 3 years for the duration of Caglow II.

We're also thinking of code names to give to Caglow II due for next years. Since Caglow I didn't exactly exist together as a project, Caglow II will have the first code name of the project and therefore, will set the category of code names for years to come. So what will it be? Let us know what you think:



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