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Posted February 28, 2010 by User 1

Caglow Central is finally back in service after nearly two months out of service from a server failure. To have been down for so long is truly unfortunate. Yet, it happens and we can do nothing about it until it comes back up.

So now, we ARE back up. At this point, you're probably wondering what we plan on doing. This article is obviously written to answer that question.

First off, all data previously on the site has not been restored due to a few impossibilities with the system. We may or may not restore it depending on how things go.

Secondly, we will be improving the code behind the site. There appears to be some usability issues here and there which should not take much to fix. When all is said and done, the site will be better than ever.

Finally, we plan on resuming operations as we normally would. Development has not been suspended because the site went down. Rather, dramatic progress has been made with both the Aciv/I and Aciqra projects since last announced. Their websites should be available as always at: http://acivi.caglow.com and http://aciqra.caglow.com

So a good day to you and thanks for your patience.


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