M81, M82 and SN 2014J

by User 1
(uploaded February 01, 2014)

The two galaxies, M81 (left) and M82 (right) are among the brightest galaxies visible in the sky. At roughly 12 million light years, they are also among the closest. A supernova, SN 2014J, is visible as a yellowish "star" just below the core of M82, and was near peak brightness at magnitude 10.4 at the time of this image on the morning of February 1, 2014.

M81, M82 and SN 2014J

Exposure info:
Combination of 10 frames of 30 seconds at ISO 200.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i
ES ED80-CF (80mm f/6 refractor)
iOptron ZEQ25GT
Astro Tech 2" Field Flattener

Field Center:9h55m48.03s, 69°20'33.37"
Field Size:1.84973° × 1.23378°
Field Rotation:up is 88.358° E of N
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