Frequently Asked Questions

This list is a small but growing list of questions which have been asked by users of Caglow or any similar sites. If you would like to contribute a question, please send us a message.

  1. How can I get an approved account?
    Anyone who wants to give support for the project may apply for an account. However, not everyone who applies will be approved! Whether or not an application will be accepted or rejected is determined almost exclusively by the "reason to join" on the application page. It is assumed by us that anyone who seriously wants to become a part of our effort will take the time to at least write up a short paragraph stating your plans, or, in some cases, lack of plans. Note that perfect English is not required.
  2. Do I need an account to use this site?
    No, you do not need an account to have access to this websute. Anyone with internet access can use it and view its content. The need for an account comes in if you want to contribute. Anonymous contributions, for spam control and security purposes, are not accepted here. Having an account will also give you access to the messaging system.
  3. Why can't I login?
    First off, do you have an account? Make sure you have sent in an application for an account. If you are sure you have applied, make sure your browser accepts cookies from this site. Different browsers have different methods of allowing cookies so consult the user guide.
  4. What is the messaging system and who can use it?
    This is an electronic messaging system provided by Caglow Central and may be found in My Caglow. It is the default method of contacting the administration for support or anything else. It is the only method if you wish to receive a response. Messaging is a service provided only to approved registered members of this site. Approval-pending accounts do not have access to this feature.
  5. Which script are you running for this site?
    This site is powered by Caglow Web (CW), a privately built and updated system created expressly for the purpose of powering Caglow Central. It is not expected to be released to the public anytime soon.
  6. Do I keep the copyrights to what I submit on this site?
    In a way, yes. When you submit material to this site, you give Caglow an identical set of copyright protections for that material. Caglow will then release that material under the Aciqra License. Therefore, you are essentially "sharing" the copyrights with Caglow. This system is in place to allow for easy relicensing of the material without taking away your copyright protection and your freedom to release it elsewhere.
  7. How do I create a project here?
    All project creation requests must be sent to the administration using the messaging system described above by leaving the "To" field empty. Requests will only be approved for projects which are able to make a release immediately upon approval.
  8. Which licenses are currently approved by Caglow for use on a project?
    Any license approved by the Free Software Foundation, Debian, Open Source Initiative or the Creative Commons are approved for projects along with the specifically written Aciqra License which was created for Caglow. Note that this choice of licensing ONLY applies to Caglow-based projects. All other material posted onto the site will AUTOMATICALLY be released under the Aciqra License including messages and emails. Therefore, we (along with you) may publish these without prior warning or permission if necessary.
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